MA IAF ( download now )

IAF stands for the Indian air force.

The Indian air force has launched its official app namely ( MY IAF ).

If you want to be a part of IAF in the future then you must have to download this app because this contains a lot of information about the Indian air force. You can download this app from the play store, app store, and from your browser.

you will get all information about all the fighter planes like- MIG21, F19 and soo on and you can play a quiz related to this
This mobile application will provide all the career-related information for those, who wish to join the Indian air force. The app is created in collaboration with the center for development at advanced computing ( C- DAC ). The complete information about the selection process, training course, salary, and allowance will be available for both officers and airmen in the Indian air force on the MY IAF app.
Why anyone downloads this
* This is an Indian app related to our nation.
* By downloading this app we increase the caurage of the nation in youngsters.
Just keep connected with us our team is working hard to keep you update with the latest scheme of central and state government.


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